Flappy Bird Clone is Android Malware

android malware

Flappy Bird Clone turns out to be a costly Android Malware.

Because such a scenario was inevitable, there were already several versions of Flappy Bird clones, instead of the original clones and bring malicious behavior.

Although it involves a revolutionary recipe gaming opposite principles, Dong Nguyen’s creation seems to have struck a chord with audiences vary. Unfortunately, for reasons more or less personal, the developer in question has decided to put the game in stores of Apple and Google Play, mentioning ,, had to keep him awake at night. “

Flappy Bird inspired several clones both sites iDevice and Android SmartWatch sites or Pebble, but users of devices based on Google’s platform might have the most to lose if such securities experience. Experts at Trend Micro security firm did a simple analysis of several apps with names like Flappy Bird, Clumsy Bird, Fish Flappy, Flappy Bird Angry Octopus and Flappy just to reach a concerning conclusion .

Most of these Flappy Bird clones, once installed on a phone, begin to send messages to the numbers over price-charge. Worse is the fact that these programs can be downloaded from Google Play and the Mountain View giant leaves to exist simply because the installer ask permission for that function. And if not frustrating enough to wake up extra costs to your phone bill worth to note that a server somewhere you are sent and your phone number, the mobile operator used Gmail address associated device.

Given that Nguyen made it clear in an interview that he would not publish again that game, my suggestion for the next period is to be a little more cautious when it comes to various Flappy Bird clones installed on Android. Eventually, read two to three times the permissions an application asks you to install or install applications that want to access the data that should not have access.

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