Facebook and Twitter are ready for the World Cup

FIFA World Cup is knocking at the door, and many stadiums in Brazil will get our attention. Discussions will address both social issues already known and challenged by the Brazilian people, and the sport.

Of course, social networks can not overlook this and get ready for the month that can bring additional traffic and earnings.

Twitter offers the opportunity to those who make a new account and choose their favorite World Cup country’s flag at the . Of course, do not forget to make available any #worldcup hashtag or hub,  which will gather the discussions, and with this links to information related to teams of scores will be easily accesible. In addition, hashflags: when you type three-letter country code, Twitter will automatically add that flag nation that image.

Facebook does not let himself any lower, and has an somewhat closer approach to that of Twitter. We already have the Trending World Cup hub  (www.facebook.com/worldcup), containing scores, updates and even posts of teams and players. Once match start you can post about it, accompanying thoughts that have smiley faces.

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