EmojiWorks is the perfect keyboard for hardcore emoticons users

Although we didn’t developed a passion for smiles in recent years, we appreciate the utility of EmojiWorks new bluetooth keyboards.

Emoji smilies, or emoticons are here for many years. They have diversified significantly in recent years to the level where it is impossible to remember them all to call when you want to reproduce a mood without too many words. Mobile or Facebook, for example, you can choose the desired emoji sites from a list, but after the release of the new keyboard EmojiWorks have access to a more effective solution to the feelings of affection or enthusiasm by colorful expressions.

Illustrated above is a new Bluetooth keyboard that works great both in tandem with a PC and a Mac or iDevice, whether for an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Besides the usual letters you see on the classic QWERTY keyboard, it includes as three emoji symbols. Clearly, those native will not appear on the computer screen when you call them, but after installing the associated software should not encounter any problems. If you have the impression that you’ve seen this concept illustrated in the past, make no mistake, but EmojiWorks are among the only ones you can buy. For lovers of diversity, there is a button that you can press the skin tone typed emoticon be suitable for you.

Emoji keyboard is available in three versions: Standard with 47 emoji Р$ 80 USD, Plus with 94 emoji Р$ 90 and Pro 120 Р$ 100. The latter is illustrated above. Regarding access to the large number of symbols, just press Shift and Control keys in combination with the letter you want to type one or other emoji. Very similar aesthetic standard Apple keyboard, although made of plastic instead of aluminum, it works equally well no matter what computer you have. If emoji sites on keys looks familiar, it is because they are created by Apple and have been introduced in iOS 9.1

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