Download Windows 9 Bringing Back the Start Menu Button

Microsoft will most likely introduce some important changes to its upcoming OS, the Windows 9, in order to determine the users to upgrade to the new OS. In concordance with CNET, there will be many features that Windows 9 will come with and most likely many Windows 7 users will want to upgrade to Windows 9.

It seems that the Start Menu, one of the most “desired” buttons, is finally coming back along with the Windows 9. According to Forbes, Windows 9, also known as Threshold, will have the ability to identify the device while it boots and will act likewise. For example, on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that are touch based devices, Windows 9 will offer a more “touch based” interface.

Similarly for desktops or laptops and such devices that rely on keyboards and mice for interaction, Windows 9 will come with a more conventional desktop home screen with fewer tiles to “accommodate” the mini start button. With other words, Microsoft is trying to make things simpler, like they were in Windows 7. So, Microsoft is trying to lure the Windows 7’s users to make them buy Windows 9.

Things will get more interesting with dual mode devices like Transformer or Surface, which can be used as laptops and tablets and the users will be able to toggle between Windows or Metro Style UI mode.

We will hear more about Windows 9 and what other changes Microsoft is planning to bring in its new OS. It is rumored that Windows 9 will be released somewhere in the late of 2014 or early 2015.


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