Download Top 10 Android Apps and Games of 2014

Here we have a list of the top 10 Android apps released in the month of May. These vary from games to apps meant to protect your smartphone, organize your life in different aspects and even deliver news on a daily basis.

Yahoo News Digest (free)
This app supplies you with two daily news digests, which contain the most interesting or important news in the area (you can choose whichever area you prefer). Every issue is a synopsis of multiple news sources, relevant stats, providing links for a more thorough reading and also related articles. Yahoo News Digest is a great choice for people wanting to read valuable information with just the touch of a finger.

Waygo (free)
If you point your phone at a foreign language sign, Waygo is the app that can supply an immediate English translation, making your travelling an easier experience. First released on the iPhone, the app is now successful on Android, supporting languages like Chinese and Japanese.
And the great bonus this app has? You don’t need an internet connection of any kind to use it.

Mubi (£2.99/month)
This app is Netflix for your phone or tablet. Mubi is an app which supplies an interesting film everyday (mainly classic, award-winning or independent films), leaving the user a period of 30 days for watching each film. The films can also be downloaded. The app is priced at £2.99/month.

Monument Valley (£2.49)
First an iPhone hit game, now Monument Valley made it’s way to Android devices too. The point of the game is manipulating impossible architecture in order to guide a princess through a fairytale-like world.
The game’s graphics and music are astounding, being filled with optical illusions and mesmerizing environments which defy the laws of physics.
It works on phones and tablets, allowing as well the option to sync your progress on all your devices via the cloud. Even though captivating, the game has only 10 levels which will just make you wish for more.

EasilyDo Smart Assistant (free)
A new-comer to the already vast variety of personal assistant apps, EasilyDo Smart Assistant will provide you with options like monitoring traffic, tracking packages, organizing your schedule, weather news, adding new contacts and so much more.

Google Docs (free)

Once a feature of the Google Drive service, now supplied by Google as a self-standing app, this app is a remarkable choice in writing and editing documents.

Google Sheets (free)
Another Google app, this one can be perceived as Google’s version of Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets provides the basic features a spreadsheet editor should have, the user being given the option to create and edit new spreadsheets.

SlideShare (free)
App owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is an app used with the purpose of hosting presentations, all of them being thoroughly categorized into different folders.
1849 (£2.94)
1849 is a game set during the California Gold Rush, with the purpose of building towns and then housing, feeding and entertaining the citizens that live there. Being a city management game, the user must also manage the town’s trade and production networks.

CM Security Heartbleed Scanner (free)

Much like an antivirus, this app looks for a specific bug: the Heartbleed bug. CM Security Heartbleed Scanner will scan all the apps on your phone, reporting any vulnerability to the Open SSL bug.

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