Download Best Extensions for Dropbox for 2014


If you are ever tired of opening Dropbox every single time you want to see a document, you can choose to download the Google Chrome extension for Drobpox a.k.a. mini Dropbox. This extension will help you reach your Dropbox account with nothing else but setting up the username and password. After this, you can easily access anything you need and you do not even need to close your browser.

mini Dropbox


If you’re usually found in a work environment or just busy on the computer, you will want to try this trick. If you’re in the mood for a good movie, you actually know which one you want, but you have no time for actually downloading it, you can use a combination of Bittorrent and Dropbox and create some magic. When you are at work you can drop any .torrent file you want (as the movie we were talking about earlier) in the Dropbox file-sharing program and the download will start on your computer back home. This way, you will have something relaxing to watch just waiting for you at home. If only there was a way of programming the microwave to prepare some popcorn!

 Dropbox and Bittorrent


If you’re not much of a writer, or you’re just overall busy, you may have chosen multiple times to take a voice note. It’s easy, quick and sometimes actually convenient since you can expose your idea in a more vivid way. But what if you need those voice files transferred to Dropbox? Well, DropVox is your hero! DropVox will record your voice and send it to your Dropbox account (M4A format). You can later listen to whatever file you saved, with a variety of players since M4A is a pretty well-known format. So, have fun with those voice memos!



If you’re looking for the best way of transferring the files you have in your Dropbox account to your Android smartphone, we suggest Folder Downloader for Dropbox. This feature will help you download your folders entirely from your account to your device. It will create new folders exclusively for the files it downloads.

Another way of doing this is by downloading Dropbox on your Android, but we find that the first one is quicker and more convenient.



When you are looking to move an image, video or website directly to your Dropbox from your browser, you may want to look into a handy extension. If you already chose to get the mini Dropbox for Google Chrome, then you can use the settings from that to transfer these files.

If you want an extension that will do just this, Download to Dropbox would be our choice. This extension will attach itself to your menu bar and, when you are on a certain webpage you can go to settings and just transfer It to your Dropbox account. Easy, and quick! Just how everybody likes it!

Download to Dropbox

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