DOOM 4 – Beta Tester Release

DOOM series kept many of us in front of the computer until late night hours, and DOOM 4 is a highly anticipated title both by fans of the game, and the newer generation who went over from legends in the field of gaming.

DOOM 4 gets teaser, one that looks excellent, demonstrating the game is real and gives us some details about the story itself, but it ends without saying anything else about the game.

Basically, if we sit and digest this well, it is actually a teaser for QuakeCon 2014 event that will take place between July 20 and 17 where it is expected to find more details about the newest game in the franchise.

As for release date, most likely DOOM 4 will not appear until the end of this year. Until then lucky few will get a beta-mode, which is offered as a bonus for those who have already ordered Wolfenstein, so they will be about the only ones who will have access to it.

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