DDoS attacks on social networks: Feedly,Evernote and Facebook affected

DDoS attacks on social netwoks

Yesterday Evernote and Feedly have worked with large and intermittent problems, Feedly even had periods when it did not work at all. Facebook didn’t felt any better, having also important stability issues, users having great trouble in posting updates on the network.

Feedly confirmed it was the victim of an DDoS – “Distributed Denial of Service” attack , which prevented the access to its services. Moreover, the company announced that those who carried out the attack tried to claim a certain amount of money to stop, but Feedly has declined this.

Evernote has also confirmed that she was the victim of a similar attack too. Without knowing or without leave to understand that the two attacks are related, we can only say that it is already known that both companies are working together in solving this issues. During the attacks, users were unable to synchronize notes between their devices and the company’s servers . It must be said that this is the first time in history that Evernote is put in this situation.

Both companies said their users’ data is safe.

For those who do not know the terminology, this is a type of DDoS attack in which thousands of computers send data packets to the target servers in an attempt to make them unable to operate.

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