Cut The Rope 2 Tips and Tricks of 2014

Cut the Rope 2 is one of the tricky games, and this is why is well seen in the games field. It can easily increase with some few percents your thinking capacity. Go have fun and feed Om Nome, in order to make anyone happy.

1. There isn’t a single way to complete a level – and this is a fact. Let your thinking free and search for new ways. Sometimes, the first way you see is not necesarily the best.

2. Cut the Rope 2 is not that kind of game that bugs you and makes you take all over again. If you know that you made a mistake, don’t hesitate to push the tap button.

3. In order to get the maximum number of stars you need to remember that is also a timer, not only the moves you are doing.

4.The game comes with hints, that helps you pass a certain level that you can’t pass normaly. Don’t use hints for things that are not very important.

5.With Zepto you can use Om Nom with a whole different aspect, enjoying make-ups and other stuffs.

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