From the creator of Minecraft, we give you Cliffhorse… a “horsy” type of game

Even if E3 is tomorrow, it seems that Markus “Notch” Persson, the Minecraft creator, doesn’t care that much and released a new game on June 7, which is called “Cliffhorse”.

In this game, you will play with a horse. The horse will be near some cliffs, and you will have to run between cliffs in order to catch a giant ball and push it forward. Does this game have an end? We guess not. Are you going to run like a maniac 24/7 doing nothing more than just cashing and hitting that giant ball? Probably yes.

Don’t ask us more about this game because we won’t be able to answer questions like: “Was the horse fed until it came to the game?”, “What if my horse trip?”, “What if I decide to leave the ball alone?”. However, one thing we know for sure: the ball has the same “skin” as the horse.  It would probably be funnier if you’d chase butterflies or fireflies rather than to push a big stone, among the hills, but it seems that for some gamers, this activity is relaxing and they get a satisfaction out of it.

Below, you can see a video with this “horsy” game…:

If you want to play this hard to understand game you can download it from


Have you tried yet this game? What are your thoughts about it? Do you think Notch will make future upgrades for it? What new elements could he add to this game’s environment?

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