Candy Crush saga level 400 Cheat

Candy Crush saga level 400 Cheat

Candy Crush Saga is definitely the game of the moment. If you are addicted to this game, my friend, you’ve probably got diabetes until now. If you’re stuck at a high level and you don’t know to pass, I have advices for you.

First of all, you need to know or if you already know it’s better that, during the game, you will find the Ingredients levels and the other ones. In the Ingredients level you need to make the special ingredients reach  the last row in order to make them disappear to a hole that is marked with a green arrow.

If you want to finish faster, look for striped candies in order to clear a whole row or column. Sometimes you need to remove the obstacles(e.g licorice swirls) as soon as you can in order to quickly pass the level.

Talking mainly about the Ingredients level, the score is not that important, so don’t use your special candies in order to accomplish some score because you won’t need it. You better use them to get the ingredients where they belong, to the bottom.

In conclusion, don’t forget to have fun! Nothing is important than enjoying what you do, and think about, won’t be the game more efficient if you play it with joy, even if you use cheats or not?

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