Blackberry CEO talks about the company future

After a series of rumors about BlackBerry out of production hardware, CEO John Chen solve the mystery of the future after launching BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry has a very delicate financial situation. Meanwhile, last year, the company has taken some very inspired decision that could help return the giant afloat. The most important of them is the adoption of the Android platform for the latest flagship Canadian as BlackBerry Priv.

Although many believe that in the coming years BlackBerry will become synonymous with a service company, CEO John Chen has revealed in an interview a few days ago that it is not so. As you can see in the above video after private Chen confirmed that already planned several launches phones.

In an interview with the Fox Business, CEO John Chen besides being dismantled several myths about the company, drew attention to new projects. First, he said it is wrong to perceive his BlackBerry device as a desperate attempt to divert the company to Android. Instead, he said that work on this unit for a long time and is not perceived as a way to survive in the market artificially.

To demonstrate that destiny does not depend on sales of the company’s CEO also promised to work hard on new devices and those that will be announced in the near or distant future. The general tone is that we will not hand launches burst which risks to flood the market. Instead, launch new BlackBerry gadgets are resulting from market feedback. If people will be excited to Android and BlackBerry glance, we see more such terminals. As a result, I am not sure if the next phone will use BlackBerry 10 or Android operating system.

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