Best 2014 iPhone Scanning Apps

iphone note taking
iphone note taking

What’s better than… time is money? I have the answer: nothing. Nowadays, it seems that nothing is worth more than money, and what if I could tell you that you can take even your office with you thanks to iPhone? With some documents scanner apps you will definitely save some time!

InstaPDF– this app is very easy to use, not only on your iPhone, but even on your Mac. It is highly recommended if you use a WiFi connection, instantly sending good quality scanned documents from your iPhone to your Mac. If you look for a nice design and a free app, InstaPDF is what you need!

PaperBox – PapeBox is not only helping you to scan documents, it’s helping you organize them with tags in different categories . You can sync your documents from this app with Dropbox for even more efficiency and you can be announced if an upcoming bill is due. Ahh, I was about to forget … it’s free !

Scanner Pro – if you’re looking for an app that’s better than PaperBox, this is it. Not only that it syncs with Dropbox, but it syncs even with Evernote and Google Docs, having the posibility to scan them directly. It’s easy to use and you can enjoy a fast, accurate and organized scanning. You can enjoy with for only $6.99.

SharpScan Pro + OCR – this app comes with something different: while you scan the document, you can use OCR (optical character recognition) if you need to extract parts from it to work on it. This is not the only amazing feature that SharpScan Pro comes with. You can enjoy image stabilization, smart crop and more for only $4.99.


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