Best Cloud Storage to Choose From

There are so many people that are moving their files to the cloud. The fact that there are many companies that are offering the service at good rates means that it is even more accessible than before. If you have been looking for a cloud storage provider, here are just some of the best for you to choose from.

Google Drive

Google has been trying to connect a lot of things to your Google account and Google Drive is one of it. By default, you start with only 5GB worth of storage which is more than most providers are willing to let you have. You can then choose to expand to 25GB at a price of just $2.49/month or bump it up further to $4.99/month for 100GB worth of storage. For $9.99 on the other hand, you get 200GB worth of cloud storage.  Google Drive is by far, the cheapest option for you to have.


Dropbox can be considered to be one of the pioneers of the industry. What made it different than other storage devices at the time was its file synchronization feature. Instead of uploading a file over and over again, it uploads the changes that a file has instead. This leads to lower bandwidth usage as well. Dropbox comes with 2GB and can be upgraded to 18GB through referrals. The Pro plan on the other hand starts at $9.99/month for 100 GB to as much as $49.99/month for 500GB.


If you want something that is meant for corporations, then Box is the application to go with. It works as both storage and collaboration tool and is available for as low as $15/user/month for 1000GB worth of storage. Notable companies that has already used Box include P&G, O2, TaylorMade and many more.

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