Battlefield update brings War Pigeons variation and vehicle appearance options

Gamers that play the highly praised war title Battlefield 1 will be happy to learn that yet another update is coming their way, bringing more content to the already great experience. With the holidays underway, it was expected of EA to prepare a “festive” period for Battlefield 1 players as well. Expectations have been met and a whole list of special events was planned for this timeframe.

This Christmas will bring new game mode functionalities being implemented (keep an eye out for War Pigeons) as well as free battlepacks. These goodies promise some enticing changes to the way people are going to play Battlefield 1 over the holidays.

The entire closing month of 2016 has been planned out for Battlefield 1 players, with the 22nd of December marking the launch of some new tank skins which will turn your tank into the Schnuck or Desert Gold, if you’re lucky enough to get either skin in your battlepack.

Starting December 21st, players are able to enjoy a War Pigeons variation called Blind Delivery. The game mode consists of players having nothing at their disposal but a handgun. Additionally, the minimap will not be available during this game mode.

A lot more content is on the way and until December 29th, players will receive all kinds of goodies varying from the Holiday Truce dog tag to Superior Battlepacks which are available for Premium Pass holders.

If you’re excited about pimping your tank and playing Blind Delivery, be sure to take a break from the feast and put on your war cap. Christmas is full of gifts on Battlefield 1.

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