AVG Antivirus vs. BullGuard – Android Protection at its Finest


Noticed that you’re phone is a bit more sluggish every day? Or maybe you’re just afraid that you’ll access an unsecure website eventually and that’s going to have consequences on your phone’s stability. The answer to these concerns and more is an antivirus program. There are still people that don’t even know that you can install antivirus software on your phone, thinking that it’s something only computers can benefit from.

Well, smartphones are mini computers in their own right and today’s smartphones are even more powerful than some of the laptops and desktops from a few years back. This means that the ecosystem is just as developed and just as prone to being attacked by malicious hackers.  Today we bring you two antivirus solutions that have proved themselves worthy through different capabilities and perks brought to the table. Check out the different benefits that each comes with to see which fits the bill more in terms of what you’re looking for.


BullGuard isn’t exactly one of the best known antivirus solutions but it definitely does its job well. It comes with a lot of features that put it ahead of many other antivirus solutions. It even features parental control options which can help you make sure that your kids are safe at all times. Let’s see what some of its strong suites are.

What is BullGuard good at?

  • Its interface is really easy to use and it makes it easy to fid anything you’re looking for regarding the app and its features
  • There is a 24/7 support platform available in case you need any assistance with the app or have any questions regarding how it works
  • You can use the provided backup storage to put up to 5GB towards safekeeping which isn’t something you see that often being included in a package
  • Its detection game is strong and it scores among the highest when it comes to threat detection
  • You can use the trial version at first to see if you like it before buying, so it basically means you get 15 days of free usage
  • It features multiple layers of protection which makes it really hard for any kind of threat to interrupt your daily activities
  • It integrates great into the Android system and even has a Game Mode which makes sure that its processes won’t interfere with games and won’t slow you down when you’re gaming


AVG is one of the best antivirus app, a little more popular in the industry because of its long lasting career and the job it has done for desktop computers and laptops. While other services came directly to the mobile platform, AVG managed to execute a successful transition and is now also available on Android devices. Let’s see what it excels at.

  • It provides encryption security which encrypts sensitive data like passwords or private data that you want to keep extra safe
  • It offers a free version which you can use to see if it’s what you need before committing to the paid version
  • It brings 24/7 support to the users which is extremely useful in situations where time is crucial
  • It scans links in advance and lets you know whether or not they are safe to access without damaging your device or exposing it to some kind of malware or virus
  • It provides a shield for your downloads so you can be sure you’re not downloading any malicious software into your phone
  • It comes with a 100% money back policy

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