Apple Will Launch Three New iPhones During 2017 – Ferrari Model Included

Now that 2016 is coming to an end, the entire world is waiting to see what 2017 holds in terms of new high tech devices. Traditionally, Apple unveils their latest iPhone models during September and rumor has it that during the fall of 2017 Apple will shock everyone and unveil three new iPhones. According to a leaked document Apple will launch iPhone 8 which will feature a never seen before design alongside iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Regarding the new iPhone 8, leaked documents are showing that it has been codenamed “Ferrari” and its build from a single sheet of glass that comes with wireless charging features and that it doesn’t have a home button. The major leaked information came from a Weibo post, which is the Chinese Reddit where one user claimed to have gathered the information from Apple’s East Asian supply chain.

Apple really needed to change up their design because iPhone fans have gotten bored of the same style they have been using ever since iPhone 6S was launched and the Ferrari model will definitely get Apple fans hyped about iPhones once again. Apple will remove their classic Home Button from the Ferrari model and will introduce fingerprint sensors beneath the display but what’s more innovative is that the new iPhone 8 will come with a wireless charging pod. This looks like it could be true because a couple of months ago a rumor surfaced which pointed out Apple is working with a foreign manufacturer that’s specialized in wireless technology and the introduction of wireless charging will make iPhone 8 to be the first ever completely wireless smartphone and it will finally make sense to why Apple decided to remove the classic 3.5mm audio jack.

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