Apple Music Launched on Android 5.1 and Android 6.0

A few months later after he launched for users of iOS, Apple’s music streaming service and terminals arrive on Android 5.1 and 6.0.

The folks at Apple have many applications for Android, more specifically, it is only two. The first was launched a few weeks ago and facilitate transfer of data from Android on iPhoneMove to iOS, and the second is Apple Music, a gateway to streaming giant from Cupertino.

It was known long ago that Apple Music arrives on Android, but no one knew exactly what form it will happen this phenomenon. Also, many have wondered if the subscription prices will be higher or lower if you subscribe to the service on a mobile platform from Google. The answers to all these questions we are today.

Apple Music for Android is currently in beta, but launched globally in the same areas where you can access it and if you have an iDevice. The only exception is China, where will I go a little time until the application can be downloaded wholly undesirable.

Actual Android application interface is very similar to the iPhone, whether you delight or not. New subscribers have access to the same three month trial period where you can enjoy your music without paying Apple a penny. Subsequent subscriptions are as expensive for individual users or families. You need a minimum of Android 5.1 to install the application, and from that moment you will have access to For You, New, Radio, Beats 1 Connect and My Music. If you have your whole music collection to the cloud reflected, that will be accessible through Apple Music for Android, and if you have previously purchased from iTunes, and that could be heard. The only thing missing at the moment is videos playing.

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