Apple iOS 10.3 – Two New Mods Might Be Introduced

Apple users have been enjoying a constant stream of updates these past months, in fact even though iOS 10.2 was rolled out only a couple of weeks ago there are rumors that Apple is getting close to launching iOS 10.3. This information was brought to light by the known leakster Sonny Dickson in a Twitter post where he stated that iOS 10.3 will feature a new Theater mode.

According to Sonny Dickson, Apple is going to launch the highly anticipated operating system update on January 10th. The news of a Theater mode has got Apple fans enthusiastic, especially since the mode will receive its own unique popcorn shaped icon. Regarding the theater mode, everybody’s speculating that this mode will resemble the Do not Disturb (DND) mode meaning that it has been designed for special circumstances where using a smartphone isn’t ideal. For example it could automatically mute all incoming notifications and lower the brightness level.

Rumor has it that theater mode isn’t the only mode which will be included in iOS 10.3, Apple fans are speculating that a Dark Mode will be introduced as well. In case you are wondering what’s Dark Mode, we’re going to clear right now. Last summer, when the internet was filled with rumors and speculations surrounding the highly anticipated iOS 10 update, some leaked information showed that Apple is working on creating a Dark Mode but sadly it wasn’t included in iOS 10. Dark Mode isn’t going to stop incoming notifications like the DND mode but instead, it will change the iPhone theme to a sleeker one giving iOS a more premium look.

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