Apple iOS 10.2.1 – Second Developer Preview Arrives

iOS users have been enjoying a constant stream of software updates ever since iOS 10 was released. Apple just released the full version of iOS 10.2 to the wide public alongside iOS 10.2.1 beta and now just after one week, Apple is already releasing iOS 10.2.1 second beta for developers. The latest iOS 10.2 brought a bunch of great features such as the highly expected new set of emoji and message screen effects.

This second software update might not be filled with innovative features as iOS 10.2 was, but it will be centered on fixing important bugs and security breaches which are very important. The second iOS 10.2.1 beta can be downloaded by Apple users which are registered developers from Apple’s Developer Center. The second beta seed is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices and it will increase their software build number up to 14D15 from 14D10. Usually when Apple releases a beta seed, only registered developers can access it but after a few days public beta testers will be able to join.

All we know right now is that the second iOS 10.2.1 beta is sized at 61MB and that its focused on fixing small bugs. We hope that this becomes a reoccurring trend for Apple, meaning that it’s better to release a bunch of minor updates through the year while listening to customer feedback rather than just releasing one major update. What’s interesting is that iOS security has been reinforced to the point that it’s even considered to be completely impenetrable. Usually when Apple released a new iOS version, hacker groups such as Pangu would instantly roll out a jailbreak tool, but this stopped ever since iOS 10 was launched.

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