Angry Birds Go! Top 5 Best Tips & Tricks of 2014

If you’re any Angry Birds fan, then you are already playing Angry Birds Go! all the time on your device. Well, we have to admit that racing with the Angry Birds characters is quite addicting to us too, so we thought that we would share with you some of the tips and tricks we’ve discovered in this game. Maybe you don’t know them, maybe you know them all, maybe you know some more. Anyway, keep reading to see what we’ve got.

1. If you’re willing, buy the coin doubler
If you don’t mind spending some money on some app features to increase the fun of the game, then we suggest investing in the coin doubler. This costs $6.99 but we feel that it is the most rewarding of them all, since it will never fade away and the coins can get you some nice things in the game too.

2. Surpassing another driver
If you’re trying to surpass someone, all the time switching places with him, try getting on the inside of the track and driving only there. It will save more time since the cuts you make are shorter and the other driver has to take a larger turn. We know, we all want those bonuses/gems on the other sides of this track, but if you’re really close to another player, we recommend sticking with the track you chose. Gems will appear on this track as well, we promise.

3. Use your boosts wisely
Choose the opportune times for each individual power ups. Your number of power ups is limited, so you need to think out which power up will be best used when. For example, if you see a row of coins in the air, you can use a bubble to get you high enough to get them. Using this power up in an open space will only be a wasted asset.
This can be said about using speed boosts. This boost should be used in open spaces, where you can’t bump into anything. Bumping into walls or other drivers will completely waste your power up.

4. Think before you aim
The aiming process in the beginning of the game is one of the most important factors that decide the place your going to get in that game. If you aim badly, you can get stuck behind another driver which will waste some of your time, when other drivers are advancing. It depends on the game, but aiming towards the inner track is a good strategy in most games.

5. Top speed and acceleration are your best friends
If you’re not sure what to upgrade on, we swear by upgrading the top speed and acceleration first and foremost. These two help you win games, go through challenges easier and level up even faster. Being fast in this game is a must, so try to concentrate more on these two features, rather than all of them.

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