Angry Birds Epic 2014 Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Remember Angry Birds, the game you used to play like crazy on your smartphone, or computer (Facebook application) and you might of even declined an invitation or two to an event just to get to shoot some more piggies? Well, Angry Birds epic has been launched in Canada and we think we can give you the main tips & tricks you will need to go through the challenges of the game. You will have some fun playing this game, getting items for your birds, and more. So stay tuned!

1. Prizes

You will find a lot of interesting and challenging games in this app, so be sure to check in every day to get yourself some nice prizes. Also, do not forget to complete the golden pig mission every single day to collect those amazing gold pieces.

2. Save up your gold

Remember how we told you to collect all the gold pieces? Well, don’t hurry to spend them instantly. Sure, gambling for loot, reviving and rerolling crafts are great things to do, but when you think about permanent upgrades you might just want to hold off on those. You will have to choose between the Golden Anvil, the Golden Chili and the Golden Cauldron. Although we like all three, we think you should go for the Golden Anvil first since we feel that it gives you the up-most advantage out of all – providing quality gear. The Golden Chili will let you start your mission with a bang, and the Golden Cauldron will provide more consumables. We suggest looking out for the temporary special offers that cut the cost of these upgrades in half. Whatever upgrade you choose, they will all help you in their own way.

3. Look at your passed levels

Are you stuck on a level for some time? We say: take a pause and detach yourself. Chances are you still have some challenges left in your already-passed levels. Also, you should look out for chests (they will show above the prize wheel if you tap). These treasure chests are very nice, you should explore nearby stages for winning these. You can even play past games to get 3 stars and feel more accomplished.

4. Study your enemy

Another advice we have if you’re stuck on a level: know your enemies. There may be something you’re doing wrong in your strategy (some enemies are completely immune to some types of attacks). Hold for a little while on your enemy (you have this option for friendly targets too) and you will get more details on what is that they do. Knowing their abilities will help you group your party and equip them with the right armor or weapon (especially the hats – they change class).

5. Don’t forget the white bird

There are plenty of levels that you can just complete using the most damageable birds (like red, black and blue) but then there are those longer levels that have to be more about strategy. We strongly suggest you bring along a white bird, because, even with potions, these levels won’t be doable without the healing character. When your pepper is charged up, use it on the white bird: this way, you can heal your whole party.

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