A new Android Malware disguise as a Nintendo Emulator

nintendo malware android

Try to be reluctant as possible to install Android apps from unknown sources that might be malicious and cost you dearly.

Android devices continue to be exposed to a mixture of variants of malware. Unfortunately, never such applications are not marked as such, but are hidden behind seemingly useful programs.

An example of dangerous malware for the Android platform was discovered behind the name day of Gunpoder. The most fascinating part is that not even hide behind a free application enhance the temptation to install. It disguises as a Nintendo emulator charges. Moreover, the Palo Alto Networks have already discovered no less than three different Gunpoder that may be installed by mistake. All three appears as emulators and seems to have already generated a significant number of casualties, although the exact number is not known to them.

The funny and a little macabre of this announcement is that you pay hacker whose purpose involves stealing information from your favorite gadget. Immediately after installing Gunpoder are invited to pay between $0.2 and$ 0.5 dollars for a lifetime license through PayPal or Skrill. Information that you are in danger include contacts, browser history, bookmarks and more. To ensure that he would not die too soon and calendar spreads among friends via SMS.

The new malware is addressed Internet users in Iraq, Thailand, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia, France, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Italy, USA and Spain. As a result, at least temporarily, in Romania are safe.

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