Amazon Fire TV vs Roku vs Apple TV vs Chromecast – Best Specs and Price Comparison

Brand new on the market is a streaming box from one of the top tech giants on the Internet: Amazon. Amazon came up with the new Amazon Fire TV which has support for Android and HTML. This device has a lot of great things for users who choose to buy it, so we  thought we’d compare it to its competitors.

We are going to compare the streaming box with other successful streaming boxes on the market like: Apple Tv and Roku 3 – which have the same price as the Fire TV (99 dollars) and Google’s Chromecast that is priced at only 35 dollars. The reason why the Google device is cheaper is because the device is quite small, smaller than all the others, and does not have the same features as its fellow competitors. The Amazon Fire TV has the upper hand in most categories, but let’s see what exactly do these streaming boxes do.

Hardware and internal memory

The Chromecast from Google and Apple TV from Apple have single-sore processors that support 512MB of internal memory.

The Roku 3 is powered by a dual core processor that also has 512MB of internal storage space.

The Fire TV is the best one regarding hardware, since it is powered by a quad core processor that features 2GB of internal storage. The Amazon Fire TV is guaranteed to give you a smooth user experience.

App support and gaming

When you are buying a new set-top box, you have to keep in mind apps and how many does the box support. All of them do quite okay in the app support department, but we have to give it to Fire TV and Roku 3 for having 10 out of the 11 top popular streaming services. Next in line is the Apple TV with 9, and Chromecast comes in last with 7.

Also, if you’re interested in gaming, you will have to choose between the Roku 3 and the Amazon Fire TV. Although, we would recommend the Fire TV since it has an optional gaming controller you can get.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in a set-top box that will do a top-notch job, then you are looking at the Fire TV. The Roku 3 from Roku is a great streaming box as well, so this would be a nice choice too. The other ones are not bad devices, and if you are looking for a cheaper device – the Chromecast will be perfect for you. The advantage with Amazon is that they will probably get thousands of games in their streaming box and a lot more interesting content. In our opinion, the Amazon Fire TV is worth the money.


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