Amazing NASA Ultra HD video of the Sun

NASA already has several shootings Ultra HD, which are the least spectacular. Some of these include the one above, which shows the sun kissing fascinating, thanks to data collected by Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

Solar Dynamics Observatory is a space probe (“Mission”) of the American organization NASA which observed the Sun of five years. It was launched on 11 February 2010, making part of the Living With a Star (LWS).

The program aims to accumulate scientific knowledge necessary for efficient processing of all aspects of the Sun-Earth system that directly affect life and society on Earth. It needs more knowledge about the Earth and the Sun’s influence its neighborhood, by analyzing the solar atmosphere on small areas, short periods simultaneously in several wavelengths.

SDO studying the sources and structure of the solar magnetic field, how magnetic energy is stored, transformed and dump into the heliosphere and around the Earth “solar wind”, the energetic particles variations sun irradiation.

Launched in 2010, SDO observed the sun in 10 different wavelengths, each showing it to a different temperature. Observing these multiple types of radiation, NASA can keep track of solar activity, high-level monitoring and flashing lights and electrified plasma currents, called coronal loops. Putting them together in this video at 4K resolution NASA image of the Sun shows you that you have not seen it.

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