Acer Chromebook Now Available with 16GB SSD

The Google Chromebook has been deemed ahead of its time by many. This is probably because of its total reliance to an active internet connection. However, that did not stop a few manufacturers from dishing out their own Chromebook devices. Samsung and Acer are a few good examples although the Acer Chromebook will now come with a choice of getting a 320GB 5,400RPM hard drives or a 16GB SSD instead.

Before you decide that a hard drive with 20 times more storage is better than an SSD, you should first bear in mind about the concept of the Google Chromebook. Having too many storage inside your computer defeats the purpose of getting a Chromebook in the first place. This is because it already has a whopping 100GB worth of Google Drive storage in the cloud for free. That should be sufficient to most people already. Besides that, a hard drive is considerably slower than an SSD. As such, it will definitely introduce some annoying lags should it be used instead of an SSD. That is why the move to put SSD as an option to be a good one indeed.

Besides that, due to the lightweight feature of the operating system, it can afford to use a slower processor as well. To push the price down to just $199, the Acer Chromebook comes with an Intel Celeron 847 processor that has a 2MB L3 cache with 1.1GHz processing speed. It also comes with 2GB of DDR3 memory that can be upgraded to 4GB.

Other noteworthy features include high-speed Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN ports, 3 USB 2.0 ports as well as a 2-in-1 card reader to read both SD and MMC formats. There are no optical drives bundled in so you might need to get an external DVD drive instead should you need one.

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