A new Android vulnerability scares all users

Although a week ago we explained why you do not need an antivirus on Android, now we learn details about a new Google platform vulnerability .

It is becoming increasingly daunting and risky to be a user of Android, especially if you have the significant number of vulnerabilities that are made ​​public every week. Not the other, but it seems that is surprisingly easy to gain remote control of such a device and does not need to do over human efforts to install apps, malicious or not, without the consent of the owner.

The new evidence for the above statement comes from a group of hackers who found a serious vulnerability in Chrome on Android. This can easily compromise the security of a manager application, regardless of the version of Android, as long as the browser is running the latest version of Google. Guang Gong security experts from the company Quihoo 360 demonstrated the vulnerability of the PacSec Pwn2Own conference held in Tokyo last days.

Although discovered the vulnerability details were not made public for not being exploited widely know for example that the JavaScript V8 advantage to take control of your smartphone with an administrator account. ,, The most impressive Guang vulnerability is discovered that operates in a single step. Most people must exploit some vulnerabilities to gain privileged access to a device and install software without interaction. “Dragos Ruiu, organizer PacSec and expressed appreciation for his discovery Guang Gong. ,, Once the phone has accessed the website in question, Chrome’s V8 JavaScript vulnerability was used to install arbitrary applications in this particular case a BMX Bike game without any user intervention, to show that complete control of the operating system. “

Unfortunately, although the above example was not a malicious, such vulnerability may have disastrous consequences in the real world. Google officials have been alerted Regarding the vulnerability and should pay a substantial reward.

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