7 Reasons why you should change from PC to Mac

We understand your struggle: you don’t want to move from your PC to an Apple computer. Many people believe that PCs are better than a Mac, but actually, you are missing out on quite a few interesting things. So if you’re holding back because you feel that it is too expensive, or you have a lot of data on your PC and it’s quite difficult to transfer it to an Apple computer, hear us first. We will give you some nice reasons why you should switch to Apple to help you make a calculated and informed decision.

 1. The Mac Mini

When the Mac Mini arrived on the market, a lot of people were very excited. The new Mac was going to be this small, efficient computer which would help everyone save a lot of space but still work at the same level they were used. And they were right. The Mac Mini is a great choice if you’re looking to get a smaller device. Another thing to keep in mind: Apple devices are safer, because PCs are sensible to viruses rather than Macs (and there are a lot more viruses designed for PCs, anyway).

2. No Drivers Whatsoever

We had to include this into the mix. How many times did you have to reinstall your Windows just because you installed the wrong driver and everything went down the drain? Well, Apple has its software integrated with the hardware so these problems won’t be available on a Mac. Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice doing a double check on every driver you install into your OS? We think it would be a great change.

4. Price

We needed to talk about this. We know that a lot of people complain about the high Apple price but it is the reasonable price for what you are getting. Apple doesn’t low its quality and refuses to work with cheap materials to make your Mac resist more than just a couple of years. You could of noticed before that a Mac has an aluminum case rather than a plastic one, which increases the quality already. Thinking about the nice circuitry, the low weight standard that the Macs have, the price doesn’t seem that high anymore. The truth is, quality is money.

5. Sharing mode

The sharing system between the Apple devices, be it iPhone, iPad or Mac has been something the tech world always admired and other companies tried to keep up with. And it doesn’t only have a great portability feature, but it is known that Apple doesn’t have as many problems of a virus being shared or hacks.

6. The Hibernation Feature

You might have noticed or not, but Microsoft’s Windows 7 is not the most perfect OS when it comes to the sleep feature. Sure, it works nice for a couple of months, but after some time you will find that the OS will glitch and will not respond.

We don’t see this problem in Apple’s iOS, the computer recovering from Sleep mode in an instant, and we promise – this doesn’t change over time. If you tend to leave your computer to do some work by its own, you sure are a user of Sleep mode. So you might just want to keep this feature in mind.

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